“I love Minecraft!

Here are three things I love about Minecraft: 

1. It is a game that has no limits to your imagination, you can do anything.

2. You can have a lot of fun with your friends in this awesome game.

3. It is actually a game that can make you smarter in a lot of areas.


“A single block can be surprisingly powerful.” – Noel B. Harbo

“I think the only way I could make something fun and big is if I don’t expect it to be.” – Markus Persson

Noel B. Harbo – therealnoelharbo@gmail.com

Benjamin H. Møller – mailharbo@gmail.com


I Am Learning How To Make Websites And Therefore

I Decided To Make This Website About Minecraft.

I Have Played Minecraft For Many Years And I Think

That By Now I Am An Expert At Minecraft.

That Is Why I Decided To Do Something New…

To Make Websites!

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